Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pink Ribbon Wreath

Hey everyone!

So, you possibly saw the ribbon wreath I posted a few weeks ago here on my blog. Well, if you liked that wreath, you're in for treat.

This was the first one I ever made. It was for my mom for Christmas and she just loves it. It's actually hanging in their living room right now. :)

I originally wanted to make it purple, lavender and white (purple is my mom's fave colour) but I couldn't find enough variety of coordinating ribbons to my liking. So brown, pink and white had the most that I could spot quickly as my husband was waiting for me :P 

I made this wreath with a 12" foam ring. It's smaller than the blue, green and white one in my previous post so it required less ribbon; only 266.5'. Which is 711 pieces of 11 different kinds of ribbon. It took some time because it was my first one, but it is so pretty :)

If you haven't yet, you should check out my other wreath by clicking here!


  1. Hey Sara, I just found your blog through facebook- that wreath is amazing!! I'm so impressed! :)

  2. Thank you so much Heather! I'm so glad you like it!