Friday, May 18, 2012

Sunshine Wreath

Hey everyone!

So with this recent change in the weather, I decided I needed a new wreath. My old one was Christmasy so I decided to make one to welcome this nice and beautiful weather! 

I decided I'd make the whole thing with ingredients I already had at home, and since I didn't have a foam wreath to start with, I cut this one out of a sheet of cardboard, hence it is so flat. I like how it hangs though, it doesn't stick out too far. I wrapped a 3rd of the cardboard with yellow yarn. I then took two long pieces of a lighter shade of yellow yarn, and a long strip of tulle, and braided them together, then wrapped it decoratively. The flowery part is just made of circles of felt and tulle that I cut at 2" then folded/scrunched and glued on with hot glue.

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